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Our aim is to bring the right people together with the right companies. To bring the companies who say “We can not find the right person when there is so much unemployment in the market” with the people complaining about finding a suitable job for their education and qualification.

We started to our path thinking that the main need is to be solved by increasing the number of companies providing service in this direction, and so we go on.


Modifying the search patterns that companies have compressed into a narrow field with a career site, a newspaper or entourage.

To create an innovative perspective for the companies in the process of searching employees.

Reasons To Choose 1insaat Consultancy

We’re not headhunters as everyone thinks about consultancy companies. We find people who are suitable for the values and qualifications of the companies; We match the company values with the employee values. In this way we contribute directly to the increase in the productivity of the companies.

We have a detailed database of more than 50,000 people in the construction sector based on region, occupation, position and we have access to more than 30,000 social media followers.
We have placed employees on 5 continents and we have a database of candidates who have worked and are willing to work in every geographical area.
Our team has a very good knowledge about the needs and problems of the sector. In this way, we can quickly predict the desired requirements of the employee and produce quick solutions.

We believe that each resume has a different story and we do not label any of the candidates according to their gender, age, nationality, race, graduted school etc. When evaluating a candidate, we think that the most important criteria is the competency of that candidate and that if he can do the job or not. Because this perspective broadens our candidate options, we can find the people who can accomplish the job in the hardest positions.
We act diligently not only for the candidates that we direct, but also when choosing companies that we will work with.


  1. Recruitment Consultancy: Bringing The Values Together
  2. Sectoral Trainings: Training Programs for Project Management on Construction Site Applications
  3. Management Consultancy: Consultancy Service for Institutionalization of Companies
  4. 1insaat.biz: Everything About the Construction Sector

Our Team

Cem Kafadar

Graduated from ITU university as a civil engineer in 1987. Worked in Koç Group and Alarko as a Mid-level manager and superintended between 1987-2007. He founded the 1İnsaat Consultancy Company In 2007. From 2004 to 2012, he served as a Board Member at the Chamber of Civil Engineers. He teaches “Construction Management” courses to graduate students at Beykent University. In addition to, he has given and still giving Project Management and Career Management trainings to many universities, NGOs and companies.

Zeynep Akkoç

Throughout her career; She worked as Public Relations Specialist and Human Resources Specialist in Public, Tourism, Construction. She has been working as Human Resources Coordinator in 1İnsaat Consultancy since 2014.

Bengüsu Aktaş

Graduated from the Faculty of Labor Economics and Industry Relations. She is working as a Recruitment Specialist in 1İnsaat Consultancy.

Defne Yeşim Yazgan

Faculty of Management graduated. She continues her post graduate studies in Marmara University, Human Resources Faculty. Working as Recruitment Specialist in 1İnsaat Consultancy.

Burcu Galiba

Faculty of Fine Arts graduated. She works as a Content Expert and copywriter in the projects of 1İnsaat since 2014,

Levent Kadıoğlu

English Language and Literature and Public Relations and Promotion graduated. He has been working as Business Development and External Relations Coordinator in 1İnsaat Consultancy since 2015.

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